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Goddess Of Fire

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Goddess Of Fire

Post  AlasseaKhajiit on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:01 am

[Note: This roleplay is based off a book I am actually writing atm. Thought it would make a good roleplay. Also, when the roleplay starts, she, the goddess of fire is already sixteen years old]

[Note # 2 Yes I know this is long BUT it will explain what the roleplay is, basically what has happened and important to know exactly the enemies we are dealing with]

Prelude: The prophecy

In an age long past, a prophecy was told, by the witch the old fire elf king kept as his wife. She was a beautiful witch, with long white hair, and ocean blue eyes, that made you think of the ancient forests, beautiful and enchanting. She was quite unusual for a fire elf, and her appearance and habits of being a witch caused all kinds of murmurs with the people. The people spoke at first, when she had come to the city with the king. They said she enchanted him, that he did not really love her. But after a while, the people too fell in love with her. How could anyone not love her? She would bring food to the poor, and be out when the farmers needed help bringing in the crops in before a winter storm came. She worked with and for the people, and they loved her for it.

Even the king who was not loved before, for his high taxes, and not caring for the people, changed. His heart softened under her smile, and he soon lowered the taxes. He worked harder than he ever had in his life to make the people able to live comfortably. He spent his own money, to get the best quality seeds for the farmers crops, making them able to make more coins and become richer. As the farmers got richer, so did the market places who bought and sold there goods. The rest of the city, soon profited as well, for the king helped everyone find better jobs and such. The city was profitable and the people happy.

But it was not to last.

The kings beloved witch wife, had suddenly fallen ill. She tossed and turned in the night, screaming that the Black Knights were coming, that they were all going to die. Often then not, her screams could be heard late in the night. Everyone was saddened by this, but did not know what to make of it. What could make a sane Queen, suddenly go into fits of screaming?

Of course the talk began. Some said she had finally succumbed to the magic, and been possessed by demons. Others said the King had finally came out of the spell she put on him long ago, and that he was torturing her for it. But of course, they didn't believe this for long. There love for her was too strong.

Whatever the reason, it did not last long. She was soon back to her old self again. Well, almost. She started calling other races to the kingdom, making alliances. With odd folk too. Fire Elves rarely associate with other kinds of elves, but here all kind of elves could be seen coming and going from the castle. The most unusual being wood elves!

Finally the day came when she addressed her beloved people.She stood before them and raised her hands, saying nothing but the prophecy she had received.

"When the moon burns blood red, on the darkest of nights, the Black Knights shall come, and burn down our beloved city. Already many kingdoms shall they have defeated and conquered, there cruelty and menace spreading through out the land like a disease. The man who leads them will be pleasing to the eye, but he shall not be trusted, as his heart will be blacker than the blackest depths of hell, he shall be called Damion" She paused looking out at all the horrified faces of her people, and then she spoke again, this time her voice sounding with pride, filling all the people with hope.

"But fear not, this will not happen in my lifetime, or even your life time, but in my grandsons son's lifetime. In that time, two children shall be born. One, a criminal. An assassin. A boy with no heart, a boy raised to kill since he was born.He shall be the destined child, the soul mate of the second child.The second child shall be a princes. She is the Goddess Of Fire! The one destined to over throw the Black Knights and the Man who leads them Forever! She will change the land, bringing peace wherever she goes! Healing the hearts of everyone she meets! Her love for the boy will save the entire world"

With that, the white haired queen went into her bedchambers laying down on her bed, she fell into a deep sleep, one that was peaceful and quiet. She fell into the darkness never to awaken again. The people never forgot her words, powerful yet hopeful. The prophecy was told from generation to generation. But eventually, the words were forgotten, as most are, known only to the people's ancestors, historians who kept all such things recorded for the future, when they would need to be read and told, once again...

Chapter One: A Cookie and A Torture

The little girl peeked around the corner. All was quiet. A smile spread across her face, as she giggled quietly with glee. She crept down the hallway, her ocean blue eyes looking everywhere, in case the lady popped out to scold her, and bring her back to bed. The little girl was two years old, and her name was Luthien Elensar. She was the princess of the fire elves. She was an unusual child. Her hair was white as snow, and she had ocean blue eyes, that for some reason, always made people think of the ancient forests, just outside the castle. The lady who took care of her always muttered stuff bout her being 'just like the witch' whatever that meant. The little girl did not care tonight though. She only had one thing on her mind, and that was the sweet delicious chocolate chip cookies she had seen Mommy make earlier. She crept towards some pretty big wooden doors, and pushed them open quietly peeking inside.The kitchen was empty. She smiled again, and grabbed a stool, pushing it towards the counter, climbing up on it she grabbed the cookie jar and pulled it towards her. She licked her lips lifting the lid, and accidentally dropping it on the ground. She froze,listening. If she was caught again, she would be punished again. Mommy always hit her hands with the painful rod, a painful punishment for those caught out of bed stealing cookies in the dead of night. Hearing nothing she rubbed her hands remembering, then reached in grabbing a cookie, and began munching it.Mommy's cookies were always the best, and cookies were her favorite snack of all time.It was as she munched her favorite treat that the screams started. She froze, adrenaline running through her, though she didn't know that. All she knew was something made her afraid. She believed that maybe, they were playing some scary game, one that made them scream in fright. She reached in, sticking her tongue out in concentration as she reached for the last cookie. At last her fingers wrapped around it, she lifted her hand out, and jumped down from the stool. She would go and investigate this new game that made everyone scream....

The man stood by the window, as he watched his beloved city burn beneath him, the moon an unusual blood red tonight, watching over them. He had known they were coming. He had known one day the black knights would eventually come to his kingdom, with there weapons of cruelty, to destroy his town if he did not surrender. But he had prepared. The other kingdoms had not. He had his people moved before they had come, fleeing for there lives. But his family had not left. They had refused, staying here with him instead. Even his two year old child had stayed, grabbing his leg and not letting go, til he promised her she could stay. But that was okay he had other arrangements for her to get to safety.

He sniffed the air, cringing from the horrible scent. As he heard the door open, he clenched his hand on the hilt of his elven blade tighter, and spun around looking at the black knights as they walked in. Each one wore a suit of black armor. They had no eyes, only black depths deeper than the deepest ocean. Each knight smelled like a thousand rotting corpses. It was all the King could do to keep from throwing up here on the floor. He snarled as a new man walked in front of the knights.

This man was gorgeous. He had long black hair, and black eyes,black as the night sky. Tanned skin, and a fit but skinny body, made him the man every woman wanted. His smile could melt them, when played right. But there was nothing kind bout this man. Hi heart was blacker than the darkest cave. It was said he was born in the depths of hell, and had come to earth to finish his fathers quest - to rule the earth and enslave the mortals.

He smiled walking forward, and the king rushed at him raising his sword, he brought it down at the man, as it sliced through the mans cheek, leaving a gash, he watched as he laughed, blood trickling down his cheek and neck. The man brought a hand up grabbing the sword and easily wrenching it out of the kings grasp. Flicking a hand, the black knights rushed him grabbing his arms and legs, and forcing him to stand, holding him still so he couldn't move a limb.

The king felt fear enter every part of his body. This man wasn't human. He watched in horror as the mans cheek healed, watching the wound he had caused grow together. The man walked forward and took out a knife, he plunged it into the kings eyes, smiling as he heard the king scream, watching the blood fall down his face. He ripped the eye out with one fluid stroke, he brought it to his mouth, sinking his teeth into it, almost moaning from the sweet taste. The man loved eating his victims. Sometimes they weren't too good, but this kings was sweet like chocolate. And the fear it struck in his victims was too good to refuse.

As he continued eating, he placed a hand on the brave but foolish kings head, muttering ancient dark words, placing a special spell on the man. This spell was special, as it left his victims paralyzed, they would not be able to move a muscle. But yet, it let them feel everything, such as there own blood running down the side of the kings face. It let them watch his every move, but yet do NOTHING bout it. When he finished, he plopped the rest of the mans eyes in his mouth, as he smiled at the king. "Now now your MAJESTY. Your going to tell me everything you know about the Goddess Prophecy, and then your going to tell me where your daughter is"

As the king snarled glaring at him, the man just smiled and brought his knife up, sinking it deep into his ear, cutting it off slowly, laughing as the kings eyes widened in fear, muttering another dark secret curse, letting the man speak only, as he finished and plopped the ear in his mouth eating it as well. "Now now if you don't I'll make it a LONG death for you, but if ya do talk, I shall be merciful. Isn't that better now?"

The king snarled at the man. "Fuck you Damion. Go to hell. I'll NEVER tell you where my daughter is!" The King hoped the old man had gotten his daughter out in time. He was so-posed to get her as soon as they came into town, and evacuate her, along with the boy destined to be hers.Oh god he hoped they had escaped, he hung his head in defeat. "Please, just kill me and take my kingdom. Leave my daughter out of this" He did not mention the prophecy, as he knew not what the man spoke of. Old man did, but he was gone. It looked as if he would die here, by the cruel hands of this sadistic freak.

The man smiled, as he walked over to the door, starting to close it. "Now now I CAN'T just do that your Majesty, because you see I NEED answers. And I so HATE when I don't get them. He laughed as he closed the door, and soon the screams of a once great king could be heard through out the castle by the few people who had stayed behind with there great king, and they flinched away from his screams fleeing for there lives into the darkness.

Luthien wasn't happy anymore. She ran through the halls crying. Everyone was laying on the ground and there was this weird red stuff coming from underneath them. It smelled horrible. Luthien did not want to play the game anymore. She turned the corner and screamed hitting whatever it was that had jumped in front of her. The man grabbed her hands softly speaking in a soothing voice. "It's alright your majesty, it is just me" She looked up and all her fears vanished. It was Old Man! He was nice. He always gave her cookies when Mommy and Daddy were not looking. He picked her up and carried her away quickly. "We must leave quickly my Princess, you are in danger" She blinked at him confused. Danger? How was she in Danger. In danger of being scared maybe. She sat quietly in his arms as she wondered if he was playing the scary game too.

Old Man brought her outside, as he walked through the darkness quietly. She hid her face in his shoulder. She hated the darkness. She always swore she saw bad monster in it. He brought her to a carriage, placing her inside, climbing in himself. She looked around seeing another boy. The boys hair was black, and light gray eyes, like the clouds on a rainy day. She thought he looked weird. For one of her kind anyways. She turned asking Old Man where her parents were. He let out a small sigh and looked at her, his eyes were sad, as he told the man driving the carriage to go home. She blinked. She WAS home. She started crying as the tears fell onto her lap. She wanted mommy and daddy. As they moved away from the castle she cried harder, and the boy looked at her softly, as they moved away from her kingdom, getting lost in the dark of night....


So what will happen? Will she meet the boy who is destined to be her one true love, the one who will help her rid the world of the black Knights forever?

Or will she end up joining the Black Knights, plunging the world into darkness forever?

What happened to Old Man?

Is her father REALLY DEAD.

These are all really good questions, and questions which will be answered in the roleplay once you joined!

Where we are in the roleplay now:

In the story mentioned above, Luthien is a little girl. It has been years now, and she and the boy has been training with Old Man, in order to over come the Black Knights and save the world Though first, they have to gather the fourteen pieces of fire. The Fourteen pieces of fire are ancient crystals that will reveal the true goddess of fire, who Luthien is believed to be.

[Have i confused any yet? Greats!]

Pretty much you can make any characters. Bad. Good. Neutral. Doing this for there own good. Betrayers. Doesn't really matter. Obviously, as you have seen, this is NOT gonna be a really short roleplay, so if you join, please make sure you want to stick around for the whole thing. It'll be fun promise.

Please time skip sex. Thank you.

Also Please no one liners, specially such as "follows her" or "dodges him". Please be descriptive. It makes for better roleplaying. Thanks.

Character Sheet:

Pic [Optional, if you would rather type put a description below at 'Appearence' Or, you can always do both]:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Appearance [Description]:
Dominant hand:

Characters we DO Need [ with a little info too]:

Luthien, Lady Hero and the Goddess Of Fire, Fire Elf, 16 years old - Taken By AlasseaKhajiit

Church, Sir Hero, Love of Luthien, Fire Elf, 20 years old, Assasin raised By Luthien With Old Man - Open

Old Man - Mysterious man who was trusted by Luthien's Father, is believed to be a vampire, raised Church and Luthien since they were young and taught them how to fight - Open

Damion - Another Mysterious man, wants to plunge the world into complete chaos and darkness for reasons that are atm secret - May have some connection with Old Man - Unknown Race - Controls the Black Knights which are believed to be his undead minons but not totally known yets (Pretty much you decide what race he is and what the black knights REALLY are) - Open

Various Other Bad People Bad people to serve Damion and the Black Knights [Note: Course, not all listen to Damion themselves, Damion's orders the Black Knights who order the er lesser of his minions]

Various Good People Good people to Help Luthien and Church in his quest

A few neutral People Here, these people are well just for a couple of shows in the roleplay. Basically people who you meet in your story and have a conflict or happy conversation or event with.

Also: A word on where we start: In the forest! Where Old Man, Church and Luthi been living for all these years as they train. But her sixteenth birthday is coming up, and that means Old Man will be telling her the prophecy, but what will happen then?


SO who wants to Join in the fun ^^

AS people Join, I add names here, so we all know who is who ^^

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Re: Goddess Of Fire

Post  AlasseaKhajiit on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:01 am

Name: Luthien Elensar [Everyone usually calls her Luthi]
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5' 8'
Weight: Skinny
Eye Color: ocean Blue
Hair color: White as Snow
Appearance [Description]: Luthien is usually found wearing her black and white 'uniform' as Old man calls it, with her snow white hair tied back with a black ribbon to keep her hair out of her eyes. Her 'uniform' was picked out by Old Man, suited perfectly for her and all her training needs. Underneath her 'uniform' though, she hides a secret, a locket Church had given her when she was a small child, as a birthday Gift. [Church and Old Man think she lost it, as Old Man said no jewlery is to be worn with Uniform]
Dominant hand: Right
Personality: Luthien is a very well serious personality. She worries a lot, specially about Church. She is quiet, shy, and has a problem trusting people. Sometimes even those closet to her.
Race: Fire Elf
Weaponry: Two twin elven blades, handcrafted by Old Man Himself
Powers: So far, None, might learn some along the way
Occupation: Trainee, future occupation - savior of the world and The Goddess Of Fire
Quote: "But Church, what if it'd Dangerous" [Usually said when church try's to make her have fun lols]

Luthien, or Luthi as she likes to be called, was two years old when she was taken from her home, made to watch the Black Knights turn it to ruin. Since then she has lived in the mountains with Old Man, and the boy, named Church, training day in day out. She has no idea she is the woman in the prophecy. When asking Old Man, why she was taken, and her home burned, he told her on her sixteenth birthday he would tell her. So she awaits her birthday, in eagerness, training for years with church, and begins to harbor a secret crush on him. Though every time she tries to tell him, she loses her nerve and makes some stupid line abut the weather instead. Now the day of her birthday approaches. She wonders what secrets will it hold.....

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